K-Laser Therapy Treatment in Rocklin CA

Chiropractic Rocklin CA K-Laser

What is K-Laser Therapy? Class IV K-Lasers offered at our Rocklin CA chiropractic clinic delivers specific red and near-infrared wavelengths of laser light to induce a therapeutic effect within the body. These include:

  • Increased circulation
  • Decreased swelling and inflammation
  • Reduction of Pain
  • Enhanced Tissue Repair and Cell Growth
  • Improved Nerve Function
  • Increased Metabolic Activity

How It Works In Rocklin CA

K-Laser therapy in Rocklin CA is proven to biostimulate tissue repair and cell growth. The painless application of laser energy promotes increased circulation by drawing oxygen and nutrients to the affected area. Increased metabolic activity within the cell stimulates the transport of nutrients across the cell membrane. This creates an optimal healing environment, leading to a cascade of beneficial effects promoting the acceleration of the healing process. As the injured area returns to normal, pain is relieved and function is restored. Call Better Health Chiropractic today to schedule an appointment!


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