Suffering From An Athletic Injury in Rocklin CA?

The team at Better Health Chiropractic, our Rocklin CA chiropractic clinic is experienced with a wide variety of injuries and performance issues. Our patients range from recreational to professional athletes.

Athletic Injury In Rocklin CA

We have been “Team Doctors" at the High school, College and Semi Professional levels.

Better Health Chiropractic serves as the Team Chiropractors for several Crossfit Teams and Crossfit Games Athletes as well.

Some Of The Competitive Athletes We Work With Include:

  • Crossfit Individuals/Teams(novice to competitive)
  • Professional Football players
  • GRID athletes (professional crossfitters)
  • Professional Golfers & LPGA
  • Professional Baseball Players
  • Olympic Qualifying Athletes
  • Collegiate / High School Soccer, Softball, Track, Volleyball and Wrestling.
  • Olympic lifting
  • Cheerleading
  • Dance
  • Marathon Runners
  • Ultra Marathoners (Western States participants)
  • Tri-Athletes and “Iron Man” competitors
  • Gymnastics

Our overall goal is to help athletes in Rocklin CA of all levels, from Recreational to Elite, achieve their best performance. We want our athletes to have minimal interruption to their training and specialize in techniques to keep them healthy and injury-free.

Better Health Chiropractic in Rocklin CA utilizes a number of unique and advanced technologies to help you recover and achieve!


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