Ready Set Grow!: Read The Signs Of A Tongue Tie, Remove Roadblocks, And Reach Your Child's Optimal Health."
Written by Dr. Marianne Abate, DC, CACCP

Chiropractor Rocklin CA Marianne Abate With Book

Welcome to the world of transformational knowledge and empowered parenting with our Rocklin CA Chiropractor, Dr. Marianne Abate's groundbreaking book:

Ready Set Grow!: Read The Signs of a Tongue Tie, Remove Roadblocks, and Reach Your Child's Optimal Health.

Dr. Marianne Abate DC CACCP has devoted her life to unraveling the mysteries surrounding tongue ties and the Neurologic effects in children, one of the most enigmatic and often misunderstood challenges faced by children and families today. With decades of experience and tireless research, she is now ready to share her expertise with you in this groundbreaking book.

Is Your Child's Health at Risk In Rocklin CA?

Discover the critical insights that could change your child's life: Identify the Hidden Culprit: Learn to recognize if your child has an undiagnosed tongue tie that may be affecting their behavior and overall health. Timing Matters: Explore why it's essential to address a tongue tie as soon as possible to prevent potential complications. Empower Your Child: Uncover the previously undiscovered benefits of Dr. Abate's revolutionary insights, ensuring your child thrives and avoids unnecessary pain in the future.

Dr. Marianne Abate is your trusted guide on this transformative journey. Her passion, experience, and dedication shine through every page of "Ready Set Grow!" as she empowers you to unlock your child's optimal health.

Don't miss the opportunity to embark on a path to brighter futures and healthier lives with Dr. Abate's invaluable wisdom. Order your copy of "Ready Set Grow!" today and take the first step toward understanding, healing, and nurturing your child's well-being like never before.

Purchase a copy in our office, or available at Amazon and Kindle.


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