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Welcome to Better Health Chiropractic located in Rocklin. Chiropractic care is an amazing healthcare profession that helps many find relief of painful conditions without drugs or surgery. Few people understand it is more than symptom relief of pain (back, neck, headache, etc.) but truly unleashing optimal health potential through the nervous system. The spine is the conduit of communication between the brain and the body. Allow us to help you understand how our Rocklin Chiropractors can help you and your entire family achieve Better Health.

Welcome to Better Health Chiropractic

Our Doctors incorporate a comprehensive approach to investigate any and all aspects that may be potentially interfering with the integrity of your nervous system and the cause of your health concern. Drs. Beavers and Abate, DC focus on untangling the web of chronic poor health that results in symptoms and the ensuing quest to find relief or help to regain your quality of life.

Our unique approach to unlock your full health potential without the traditional management of symptoms often finds patients getting results where they had lost hope and accepted their current state of health. Our 25+ years of chiropractic experience combined with our wellness perspective and functional approach allows us to create a personalized plan of care specific to your healthcare needs.


Many people dismiss chiropractic care as a remedy for physical aches and pains (back, neck, head, and much more) but when integrated with a functional neurological and brain-based understanding of health, chiropractic care is the connection to healing and whole-body health and wellness.

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Best of the Best: 11 Years in a Row!

For eleven years in a row, we have been voted "Best of the Best" in Placer Herald's annual contest. A huge THANK YOU to all our patients who took the time to vote. We appreciate your support!


    Dr. Beavers, DC and Dr. Abate, DC have extensive training and education that provides the foundation of their unique integrated approach to your best health. Established in 1993 in Rocklin, our doctors completed their Doctorate of Chiropractic from Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, IA. They have continued with post-doctorate certifications focused on sports, pediatrics, functional neurology, and wellness related to brain-based care. Dr. Beavers, DC is certified as a sports practitioner with American Chiropractic Board of Sports Physicians and utilizes his knowledge of sports science to not only help athletes but also patients with complex extremity conditions such as shoulder and knee. Dr. Abate, DC is certified by the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association with education above and beyond her chiropractic degree relevant to the needs and care of pregnancy and children. Both doctors utilize special education in functional neurology for the assessment and treatment of patients. Dr. Beavers', DC practice emphasis is neurodegenerative conditions such as neuropathy combined with his sports science training enables him to help many patients where traditional care has failed. Dr. Abate, DC’s practice emphasis is pregnancy and pediatrics. Her certification and post-doctorate classes in neurodevelopment enables her to help many patients from newborns suffering the effects of tongue-tie to children with behavioral, academic, and physical challenges whose parents think medication is the only treatment option. Spanning all generations and a brain-based approach allows our patients to achieve life-changing results and a better quality of life.


    Dr. Abate, DC and Dr. Beavers, DC have served the Rocklin community with traditional spine based chiropractic in a family-focused wellness approach since 1993. They have helped many attain life-changing result with their specific analysis, adjustments, and spinal corrective techniques tailored to each individual patient.

    As our Doctors continue to educate, they have incorporated integrative techniques and technologies that extend beyond pain and into the health care model of functional wellness and brain-based health. The 25+ years of experience and professional expertise enables them to serve the patient population from newborns to the elderly in a patient-centered, personalized approach to optimal health.

    Better Health Chiropractic provides a truly unique experience to helping you regain your health and attain optimal wellness. We invite you to find out why many chose us not only as their chiropractor but their trusted health care advisor. Take your first step towards a comprehensive health care experience and assessment that provides life-changing results.