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Patients travel from near and far, with individuals journeying from great distances across the United States to seek her professional care, under the techniques and systems utilized by Dr. Abate and her highly trained support team. A certified pediatric chiropractor in Rocklin CA, Dr. Abate incorporates a multi-modal approach, incorporating cutting-edge technologies to aid patients in their development. What's unique is that she makes it enjoyable yet challenging for both children and adults.

Functional Neurology

Dr. Abate, with her expertise in functional neurology, focuses on applying the latest research to patient care. She aims to utilize advanced techniques to assist children with developmental delays based on the latest research.

Assessment through Functional Neurology Lens

When examining a patient using functional neurology, Dr. Abate comprehensively assesses the nervous system. This includes evaluating developmental reflexes, posture, balance, gait, muscular development, computerized eye-tracking, motor timing, cognitive skills, and utilizing a digital assessment of the proprioceptive, sensory, and vestibular systems. By identifying weaknesses or lack of function, she tailors a plan to address them.

Multi-Modal Care Plan in Rocklin CA

Given the complexity of the brain, Dr. Abate's approach is multi-modal to activate weak networks and promote better integration. She utilizes various tools, including dietary changes, supplementation, eye-tracking and balance exercises, primitive reflexes exercises, chiropractic care, and Neuro Motor Reeducation.
Chiropractic Care

Dr. Abate emphasizes chiropractic care as integral to her approach, positively impacting the brain and nervous system. By removing interference and improving function in the body, chiropractic adjustments facilitate optimal brain input and enhance brain connections. She employs gentle, low-force techniques tailored to each patient's needs.

Neuro-Motor Rehabilitation

Neuro-motor rehabilitation aims to normalize movement by targeting specific brain areas or body aspects. Dr. Abate utilizes this approach to help individuals develop primitive reflexes and improve overall function.
Functional Medicine Testing

Dr. Abate incorporates functional medicine testing to uncover underlying causes for abnormal neurology. Whether it's food sensitivities, blood glucose dysregulation, or metabolic issues, her goal is to identify root causes and address them effectively.

Interactive Play as Strategic Programmed Stimulation

In Dr. Abate's practice, what appears as interactive play is actually strategic programmed stimulation for the brain. By engaging patients in enjoyable activities, she delivers targeted stimuli to specific areas of the brain, facilitating neuroplasticity and enhancing overall function.

Intensive Care Plans

At Dr. Abate's practice, we offer one and two-week intensive care plans designed to provide rapid results where other forms of care may take much longer to achieve. These programs often yield better results at a faster pace than traditional care plans. By dedicating focused time and attention, we aim to expedite progress and help patients reach their goals more efficiently.

By integrating these approaches under Dr. Abate's guidance, we strive to provide comprehensive care that addresses the unique needs of each patient and promotes optimal development.


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